Zola Jazz & Wine - Crinali, June 20 - bolognawelcome

Zola Jazz & Wine - Crinali, June 20

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Cantina BoRtolotti
Carlo Maver 4th Carlo Maver (flute), 
Nico Menci (keyboards), 
Salvatore Lauriola (bass),
Antonio Rapa (drums). Project dedicated to the transverse flute and funk - soul music of the 70s. Original songs and great classics revisited in the light of the sound of Herbie Mann and other great flute players of those times. Energetic grooves and catchy melodies.

From EUR 0

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Cantina Bortolotti (Bortolotti Winery) 


  1. Cantina Botolotti , Via San Martino 1, Loc. Ponte Ronca 40069 Zola Predosa BO