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Crinali_ Music in Vergato

Live music with Bonaveri, a profound and refined Bolognese singer-songwriter, who will sing some songs from his latest work "Il bardo e il re dei gatti” (The bard and the king of cats). 
A twenty-year partnership, an immediately recognisable sound, both in the improvisation and in the arrangements: Eloisa Atti and Marco Bovi will transport us into their sound and narrative world of jazz, blues and original compositions.

Itinerary: route in the central area of Vergato with a view of Luigi Ontani's fountain and sculptures by Alfredo Marchi. 
It is possible to visit the Ontani Museum (museo Ontani). 
Vergato - Vergato


  1. Piazza dei Capitani della Montagna, 40038 Vergato BO