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Crinali_Music in Croce di Castel D'Aiano

Along the way, Cottifogli duo: serenades, dirges and other songs of the soul, a polyphonic and instrumental singing concert by and with Olivia Bignardi and Luisa Cottifogli. An eclectic and talented singer, Luisa Cottifogli is at ease with traditional melodies as she is with cultivated music or improvisation, through a refined and impeccable technique. Olivia Bignardi's clarinet solo explores the paths of folk and klezmer music with plenty of room for improvisation.

Itinerary: departure from Croce di Castel d'Aiano, visit to Monte della Spè and the trenches located along the Gothic line, Famaticcia Return to Croce di Castel d’Aiano. 
Castel d'Aiano - Castel d'Aiano


  1. Loc. Croce, 40034 Castel d'Aiano BO