Crinali_Music in Monghidoro - bolognawelcome

Crinali_Music in Monghidoro

Along the route, the Savena Valley musicians from the "E Ben Venga Maggio" Association will perform.

Itinerary: meeting at forno Calzolari (Calzolari bakery) and visit to the Piamaggio Museums (Musei di Piamaggio) and continuation to the Alpe di Monghidoro. In the afternoon, short digestive walk (1Km) to the Oltr'Alpe meadow. In the late afternoon, return to Monghidoro.

The event is organised in collaboration with Associazione Itaca as part of the Festival del Turismo Responsabile (Responsible tourism Festival).
Monghidoro - Monghidoro


  1. Forno Calzolari, via del Mercato 2, 40063 Monghidoro BO