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Crinali Music in Casalecchio di Reno

Along the route, music performance by Valeria Sturba and Giuseppe Franchellucci. Valeria Sturba (voice, violin, theremin, electronics) adds and multiplies sounds in her performance to create parallel worlds in which soft voices mingle with theremins and sweet, melancholic songs sink into abysses of noise. Giuseppe Franchellucci, a concerto for solo cello. An investigation between modern and ancient musical languages, enclosed in an intimate and surreal bubble between free improvisation, contemporary classical music, archaic vibrations and free jazz cues.

Itinerary: departure from Villa Spada (BO) and arrival at Parco Talon. 
Villa Spada - Parco Talon


  1. Villa Spada, via di Casaglia 3 ingresso incrocio tra via di casasaglia e via Saragozza, 40135 Bologna BO