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Crinali- Music in Villa d'Aiano

 Along the route, a concerto for solo cello by Giuseppe Franchellucci. An investigation between modern and ancient musical languages enclosed in an intimate and surreal bubble between free improvisation, contemporary classical music, archaic vibrations and free jazz cues. 
Music performance by Claudio Carboni: Bandoneon solo tales for bandoneon (a type of accordion popular in Argentina) and flute. This musical chapter by Maver is the transformation of a feeling, where listening outside and inside is a goal thanks to which listener and performer will find themselves together in a total experience. Volver is music that comes from silence and is attracted by silence.

Itinerary: departure from Villa d'Aiano heading for Caseletta, Sanctuary of Cerreti, Val Cava, Le Viti and La Rivola. Return to Villa d'Aiano. 
Villa d'Aiano - Villa d'Aiano


  1. Via Villa 45, Villa D'Aiano, frazione di Castel D'Aiano, BO