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Crinali - Music in Valgoni

Along the way, Carlo Maver and Sorah Rionda performance. Carlo Maver presents Bandoneon tales for bandoneon (a type of accordion popular in Argentina) and flute This musical chapter by Maver is the transformation of a feeling, where listening outside and inside is a goal thanks to which listener and performer will find themselves together in a total experience. Volver is music that comes from silence and is attracted by silence. Sorah Rionda is a musician, singer, composer, arranger, gaita player (gaita is a type of bagpipe common to northern Spain) and dancer, who arrived in Italy in 2013 after an intense activity in Cuba and all over Europe with important names in world music and the international folk/jazz scene.

Itinerary: a circular route through the towns of Valgoni-Savignano, the Rocchetta Mattei and the Church of Alvar Aalto. 
Arrival at and departure from the square of Riola Ponte


  1. Piazza Alvar Aalto, 1, 40030 Riola BO