A journey among villas and castles: october - bolognawelcome

A journey among villas and castles: october

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Our territory teems with historic buildings of great importance to the artistic and cultural heritage of Emilia-Romagna. Visitors will be accompanied among villas, castles and historical residences to relive the splendour of the Baroque era, the charm of the medieval period and the vicissitudes of some of the most illustrious families of the time. Take advantage of these unique opportunities to enjoy the splendid architecture of normally inaccessible places.

The price includes:
  • Guided tour
  • Exclusive admission
  • Specialized Italian/English speaking tour guide


Full: € 15,00 p/person
Reduced for Card Cultura holders: € 12,00 p/person
Reduced: € 6,00 p/person (children from 6 to 12 years old)
Free: under 6

The guided tour will cover the historic buildings with adjoining premises and gardens if present.
In specific cases the tour may involve moving from one building to another.

From EUR 15

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The guided tour will cover the historic buildings as well as adjacent structures or gardens where present. 
In specific cases the tour may involve moving from one building to another.


 10 October: Manservisi Castle, Castelluccio, Alto Reno Terme 
The imposing Manservisi Castle dominates the surrounding valley from Castelluccio, a small village in the municipality of Alto Reno Terme. The building was renovated in the late 19th century by Alessandro Manservisi and remained in the family's ownership until 1912, when it was donated to charity for poor children. Inside the castle you can admire the "Sala degli arazzi" (Tapestry room), where the works restored by the Bolognese painter Giacomo Lolli are collected, as well as the LabOrantes Museum, dedicated to mountain culture. 
Meeting point: Castello Manservisi, via Manservisi 3, Castelluccio, Alto Reno Terme.

17 October: Alidosi Palace and Bridge, Castel del Rio
The palace is an example of 16th century military architecture with its imposing polygonal bastions. It was built in 1542 and probably designed by the illustrious architects Bramante or Francesco da Sangallo with the scope of serving as both a fortress and a noble residence. The inner courtyard "of the three fountains" is an authentic jewel of Renaissance art with a loggia supported by three sandstone columns and frescoes. The Palazzo has been entirely restored to include the library, the War and Gothic Line Museum and the Chestnut Museum.
The visit then continues over the Ponte Alidosi, a large "humpback" bridge whose interior rooms, once used as guardhouses and prisons, can now be explored. 
Meeting point: Palazzo degli Alidosi, strada statale Montanara Imolese, Castel del Rio

24 October: Rocca Isolani, Minerbio
This beautiful fortress was built at the beginning of the 14th century. In 1527 it was sacked by the Landsknechts on their way to the Sack of Rome and therefore rebuilt shortly afterwards by the architect Vignola in order to host Emperor Charles V for his coronation in Bologna in 1530. A further great pride of the Rocca are the beautiful frescoes by Amico Aspertini, now decorating three rooms: the Sala di Marte, the Sala dell'Astronomia and the Sala di Ercole.
Meeting point: Rocca Isolani, via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Minerbio
A second tour is now open: 3.00 p.m.

- 31 October: Villa Edvige Garagnani and Palazzo Albergati, Zola Predosa
Villa Edvige Garagnani is a bourgeois residence dating back to the second half of the 18th century and boasting prestigious rooms and frescoes. The entrance opens onto a frescoed loggia, as is the Basoli sitting room, with a fascinating trompe l'oeil effect. 
Near Zola Predosa stands Palazzo Albergati, one of the most interesting and impressive examples of European Baroque. The building consists of four floors, furnished with original elements, overlooking the immense surrounding park. Particular mention should also be made of the palace's stairs, designed according to different and unusual geometries.
Meeting point: Villa Edvige Garagnani, via A. Masini 11, Zola Predosa