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Learn how to cook: Advanced

From EUR 98

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Take part in an advanced cookery course to learn professional techniques.
You may be an aspiring cook at home, or wish to become a real chef: in any case this three-hour course will help you improve and fine-tune your cooking skills. From preparing the ingredients, to cooking and serving the dishes, you will be taught all about three different recipes, which will then be examined and assess during dinner, always in a cordial and relaxed atmosphere.

Meeting point:
Bologna Cucina,
Via del Pratello 46 /a, Bologna

The price includes:
  • Aperitif
  • Lesson with activities and practical exercises
  • Dinner with wine
  • Apron and hat
  • Certificate of attendance

Full price: €98.00 p/person
Reduced price: €49,00 p/person (under 14)
Free: under 6

Cancellation policy:
If you cancel at least 3 days before your scheduled lesson, there is no cancellation fee. 
After this deadline, you will be charged the total amount of the reservation.

Rules to be respected:
In addition to the school rules governing educational activities (collaboration with the teacher and participants), particular caution is required when working in a cooking workshop. Particular caution is recommended when using kitchen tools. The participants are aware of the risks (cut, burn, fall) that can occur accidentally, or through improper use of the tools and equipment. An insurance policy partially covers the events. The school accepts no liability for carelessness. 
All participants are obliged to wear their own FFP2 mask for the duration of the service.

From EUR 98

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  • 13/05 Friday - Traditional Italian sauces and condiments
  • Bolognese ragout, Amatriciana, Genoese pesto
  • 18/05 Wednesday - How to cook fish: first and second courses
    Menu: Mediterranean-style anchovy pie, Sea bass ravioli, Stuffed squid
  • 20/05 Friday - Fresh pasta
    Menu: Strozzapreti with sausage ragout, Potato dumplings with guanciale, ricotta and rocket, Salmon and chive mezzelune
  • 25/05 Wednesday - Southern Italian pasta dishes
    Menu: Orecchiette with turnip tops, Tagliolini with Sicilian tuna ragout, Pasta alla norma
  • 27/05 Friday - Parmesan cheese (first and second courses)
    Menu: Parmesan shortbread, Risotto with creamed radicchio and served in a waffle, Straccetti with traditional vinegar and parmesan shavings
  • 01/06 Wednesday - Gnocchi
    Menu: Ricotta gnocchi with robiola and walnuts, Potato gnocchi with fresh tomato and basil, Pumpkin gnocchi
    03/06 Friday - Legumes and cereals
    Menu: Velvet of fresh peas with marjoram, Strawberry risotto, Treviso radicchio risotto with caramelised sausage
    08/06 Wednesday - First and second courses of meat
    Menu: Tagliolini with white rabbit ragout, Pineapple-flavoured turkey stew, Saltimbocca alla romana
    10/06 Friday - Cooking Fish 
    Menu: Tuna tartare on avocado sauce, Fresh spaghetti with mussels and basil pesto, Swordfish rolls with sultanas and orange sauce
    15/06 Wednesday - Feeding with gusto: Traditional recipes with a vegetarian twist
    Menu: Fresh pasta with Trapanese pesto, Olivette chickpeas in yoghurt sauce, Vegan chocolate cakes
    17/06 Friday - Aperitifs and Finger food
    Menu: Mini rice arancini, Mozzarella in carrozza, Tartellette, Parmesan shortbread barchette with mortadella mousse
    22/06 Wednesday - How to cook fish: from appetiser to main course
    Menu: Mackerel salad with orange and ginger, Sea bass and potato ravioli, Squid stew
    24/06 Friday - Summer Menu 
    Menu: Garganelli with summer vegetables, Chicken salad with crispy vegetables in Parmesan sauce, Mascarpone cheese with fresh fruit
    29/06 Wednesday - Eating with gusto: traditional recipes interpreted in a vegetarian way
    Menu: Spelt strozzapreti with vegetable ragout, Spumini of tofu with almonds and fresh spinach, Veg tart
    01/07 Friday - Traditional Italian sauces and condiments
    Menu: Bolognese ragout, Amatriciana, Genoese pesto
    6/07 Wednesday - Bolognese cuisine
    Menu: Tagliatelle with meat sauce, Bolognese cutlet, Fried cream
    8/07 Friday - Cooking with Fruit
    Menu: Fresh spaghetti with almond pesto, Turkey nuggets with pineapple, Tart with apricot compote 
    13/07 Wednesday - Leavening
    Menu: Pizza Margherita, Focaccia di Recco, Taralli pugliesi
    15/07 Friday - Fresh Pasta
    Menu: Sea bass and potato ravioli, Cannelloni alla piacentina, Tortelloni butter and sage
    20/07 Wednesday - Traditional Fish
    Menu: Risotto alla pescatora, Fried catch of the day, Fruit parfait
    22/07 Friday - Aperitifs and finger food
    Menu: Mozzarella in carrozza, Cream, goat cheese and salmon filled puffs, Arrosticini honey and sesame, Mini arancini rice balls
    27/07 Wednesday - First and second courses of meat
    Menu: Agnolotti del Plin, Straccetti with balsamic vinegar, rocket and parmesan flakes, Lonza with thyme and black olives
    29/07 Friday - How to cook fish: from appetiser to main course
    Menu: Anchovies au gratin with lemon, Strozzapreti with seafood ragout, Grilled mackerel


  1. Bologna Cucina, Via del Pratello 46/a