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Bologna street art tour by bike

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With this street art bike tour we want to take you off the beaten track to explore the underground side of the city.  

Street art began to spread in Bologna in the 1980s. The turning point came in 1984, with an exhibition dedicated to street art in New York. From that moment on, street art exploded in Bologna, and examples of murals and graffiti began to multiply in many areas of the city. 

During the tour we will show you the works of various street artists, from the most recent ones to the murals of the 1980s. We will stop in the centre and especially in the university area, in Piazza Verdi and Via Zamboni, where you will see the famous and colourful work by Luís Gutiérrez, entitled "500 Years since the Conquest of America", dating back to 1988.  

In Piazza Azzarita we will stop in front of Levalet's ninjas, made with the collage technique. 

Moving to the outskirts of the city, in particular the Porto and Bolognina districts, we will then hunt for works by Hitnes, Cuoghi Corsello, Daim, Andreco and many other internationally renowned artists. 

Meeting point:
Via Caduti di Cefalonia, 4, 40125 Bologna BO


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  • Radio Guide 

  • Insurance 

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Full price: € 38,00 p/person (min. 2pp.)
Reduced price: € 20,00 p/person (under 13)

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Child seat available free of charge.

From EUR 38

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Via Fioravanti
Via Colonna
Via dello Scalo
Via del Qiu
Via Pier de Crescenti
Piazza Azzarita
Via del Pratello
Piazza Verdi
Via Zamboni


  • Visit all the areas and neighborhoods with the most beautiful street art riding the bike
  • Listen to the history of the places of interest accompanied by a local guide
  • Use of bikes and helmets included in the price


  1. Travelhoo, Via Caduti di Cefalonia, 4, Bologna
  2. Via Aristotile Fioravanti, Bologna, BO, Italia
  3. Via Angelo Michele Colonna, Bologna, BO, Italia
  4. Via dello Scalo
  5. Via del Chiù, Bologna, BO, Italia
  6. Via Pier Dè Crescenzi
  7. Piazza Manfredi Azzarita, Bologna, BO, Italia
  8. Via del Pratello, Bologna, BO, Italia
  9. Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, Bologna, BO, Italia
  10. Via Zamboni, Bologna, BO, Italia